Plan your digital growth

This workshop is designed to support a more complex and larger business understand and identify it’s targets and challenges – a digital blueprint for your business. It is a useful opportunity to crystalise your plans and build a strategy that can be easily executed and measured.

We can help structure your business model and help you grow

Our online strategy workshop aims to build a collective understanding of your business, objectives and challenges. It examines internal and external factors such as working processes and competitors and uses that information to build a working strategy for growth.

It serves as a living document and can be periodically reviewed and tweaked as you grow.

The four hour workshop session includes:

  • Developing a single-page model of your business
  • Examining your internal strengths and weaknesses
  • Looking at your marketplace, recognising opportunities and threats
  • Creating an initial strategy and action plan for your business

Structure of the workshop

The workshop session is closely managed but conversational and inclusive. This remote event is facilitated through a collaborative digital canvas, where each activity is captured for future reference. It is structured into three core sections:

Business Model Canvas

We start by using the Strategyzer Business Model Canvas. It’s nine building blocks provide a high level, graphical view of your business end-to-end.


We then move on to SWOT modelling your business. Looking more closely at strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and strategies to work through them.


The final step of the workshop is to draft your Strategy Map. This summarises the session into clearly actionable and prioritised strategic goals.

What will we take home from the process?

Following the session we will distribute the raw outputs from the day’s effort and following our recommended week long reflection period, we then book a one-hour follow-up session to table any further thoughts and feedback. After this will be deliver:

Search Engine

SWOT analysis

Strategy Map


“I have been using Digiphore for 2 years now, to help me build both business strategy and content messaging linked to my business goals. On top of this, they monitor it all for me each week, showing where we can make improvements to get more traction and growth with our audience. Wes and Simon are top guys, totally honest and approachable and both deliver great results!!”

Bob Baker
CEO of Signum International

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