Get a brand that speaks to your market

Your brand is much more than just your name and logo. It is how your customers feel when they arrive on your webpage, speak to you on the phone or use your product. It is the emotional association they have when they think of your business or service and getting it right can have a huge impact on your success.

Affordable custom branding for start ups and small businesses

Your brand should reflect the core values of your business and project a unique personality that sets you apart from the crowd.

Our branding development workshop is a step-by-step, interactive process that helps businesses to take an outside look at their proposition and develop key foundations on which to build a cohesive and resonant brand.

The four hour workshop session includes:

  • Setting clear goals for your brand
  • Understanding how your brand might be seen and felt by your customers
  • Determining the character of your brand
  • Reviewing peers and competitors

Getting to work on the design

Following the workshop session the information discussed and collected is pulled together into an easily actionable strategic plan. This acts as a central starting point from which naming, logo design, colour choices, typographic options, copywriting, webpage designs, social media campaigns and marketing materials can all be delivered in a coherent and manageable fashion.

Bespoke brand action plan

The information discussed and collected in the workshop sessions is pulled together into an easily actionable strategic plan.

Staged brand
design process

Following the workshop our design team will deliver three brand options which can be narrowed down and refined, incorporating your feedback and input, into a final version.

Brand book:
A style guide

A living document that can be expanded and developed over time. This is central bible for you brand’s visual look and feel. The starting point for all of your future marketing.

What assets are included in my brand package?

Once we have collaboratively agreed on your final design, a comprehensive style guide is created to allow any future designers and marketers to apply your brand accurately. Each style guide is bespoke, and tailored to your individual needs – but would normally include:

Logo and

You new logo and wordmark. Including advice on how to apply them accurately.


A palette of colours put together to support your brand’s cohesive application.


Core brand fonts and text styles, broken down for easy application online and in print.

User interface elements

A basic set of icons, buttons and other user interface components, allowing web designers to start your site.

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Oliver Miall

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Your growth starts with your website.

Our services are based around a core offering of reliable WordPress website development, hosting and management. We take away the stress and ongoing management of your online business presence – so you can get on with running your business.


Our beautiful and affordable websites get you online in no time at all. Stacked with features, your site is mobile-ready and optimised for search engines to find you.


Once built we manage and host your site, ensuring it is secure and maintained. Benefit from super fast hosting and our fully managed service, including anti-spam and plugin and software updates


We also help you grow your business online. From helping search engines discover your site, through to social media advertising campaigns and much more besides.