The small business digital agency

The small business digital agency


We provide insights for new business opportunities, including deal and tariff analysis, so you can get ahead of the competition. Our data analysis provides detailed reports on reviews and usage, contract performance and cost monitoring, so you can manage and engage with your customers.

Once we understood Signum’s main challenges, our plan was to build an online presence using a state-of-the-art website design and online marketing strategy. Our custom web designs working together with our growth package made their website stand out, ensuring that potential customers find their website quickly and ensure that they stay engaged for as long as possible.

Signum was already an established company before their contact with Digiphore, but their main challenge was reaching their target market online and engaging with them. We explained to them that having an online presence means that their business can engage with a far larger audience, which could increase profits if they’re able to capture the attention of the demographic they want to buy their services.

Today Signum’s website is managed and maintained by Digiphore. We provide real-time analytics and reporting to the team who are able to use that insight to adjust strategy and develop specific promotions.


I have been using Digiphore for 2 years now, to help me build both business strategy and content messaging linked to my business goals. On top of this they monitor it all for me each week, showing where we can make improvements to get more traction and growth with our audience. Wes and Simon are top guys, totally honest and approachable and both deliver great results!!
Bob Baker