The small business digital agency

The small business digital agency


Kahvay offers expert training, coaching and consulting to help its students become the most skilled negotiator possible. Their aim is for their students to gain complete control of how themselves and their counterparty think, feel and behave – to maximise the value of every deal.

We made sure their new website design was a way to establish their business online. Our team at Digiphore created a custom design that reflected the Kahavy brand and made sure to meet their expectations. We are experienced in using the right tools to bring our client’s vision to life, so their website will stand out in today’s highly competitive online environment.

Technology and constant brand refresh play a key role in how an online business is seen. We knew that Kahavy’s challenge was finding its brand identity and messaging. By refreshing their look and feel as well as their messaging, Digiphore created a powerful strategy for Kahvay, they started to build strong customer relationships and drive profitable business outcomes.

The team at Kahvay decided they wanted to go through a rebrand and needed our help to do this. The way we approached this request was by sitting down with the leaders of Kahvay and building a strategy that uses a multifaceted approach to reach out to their target market through targeted social media campaigns, including ads, new content and relationships with its students. By increasing their presence and brand awareness in the digital space, we anticipate generating more website traffic, leading to increased sales.*

Today Digiphore manages and hosts its site, providing real-time reporting, anti-spam and regular security updates.


For a small business like ours, Digiphore has exceeded our expectations. Thank you!
Tom Morgan